Which panel clip is right for your application?

When choosing the right z clip for a hanging application, 3 considerations frequently arise.

  1. Which z clip can support the load required for the application?
  2. What are the constraints of the installation?
  3. Are there any environmental conditions in the installation that would make one clip outperform another?
Panel Clip - Monarch
Panel Clip – Monarch

The load rating is often the first consideration. However, the truth is that in most applications where the load is in shear, the panel clip is generally not the weak point in the hanging system. In any z clip application, there are three key variables: the screw used to mount the clip, the substrate to which the clip is being fastened, and the z clip itself. In our experience, it is generally more likely that either the substrate will fail (the screw will pull out) or that the screw will shear before the z clip fails. What this all means is that there is very little difference in “load rating” between the Monarch MF625 Clip and the Monarch MF375 clip, because they are not the element of the hanging system that is typically failing. The exception is when people start to use z clips in applications that change the direction of the load on the clip, such as in floating shelf applications with an undetermined live load.

The second consideration in choosing a z clip, is the constraints of the installation. One example of an important constraint is the distance between the top of the panel and the finished ceiling. Here it is important to consider the clip’s “lift off”, which is the length by which the clips overlap and also the amount the panel needs to be raised above its resting height in order to engage the clips. If you only have a 1/2” reveal between the top of the panel and the finished ceiling, then you need a z clip with a 3/8” or less lift off to install the panel and also to be able to remove it if it is later damaged. If you have a shorter lift off, our MF250 clips with a 1/4′’ lift off can come in quite handy.

The final consideration is the environment the clips are going to be used in. For example, some acoustic panel installers tell us they prefer to use our MF625 z clip for acoustic panel installations because the longer length of overlap helps reduce the vibration in the panel. Another environmental consideration could be if the z clip is going to be exposed to a wet or chemical environment, such as a surrounding a pool or in a clean room. One solution here is to select our stainless steel z clips, which will not rust and will retain their strength over time.

We’d love to hear from you with any questions you may have! Please email them to us at zclip@monarchmetal.com