Outdoor Clip Systems

Monarch Metal Outdoor Hanging Systems

Monarch Hanging Systems are the fastest and easiest way to install wall panels, signs, and artwork without screwing into the face of the panel. Monarch Z Clips work similar to the way a french cleat works.

Made from aluminum, Monarch Z Clips offer the following benefits:

  • Perfect for use on wall panels, curtain wall, elevator panels, artwork and cabinets
  • Easy Installation
  • Reduce installation time/cost by 50%
  • Available in a wide range of styles with or without holes
  • Same day shipping for stocked items

Not sure which Z Clip is right for you? Try our Selector Tool.


Monarch Metal Z Clip MFSTR050


For interior installations where a longer engagement is desired

Monarch Metal Z Clip MFSSCHAN


For exterior where 1" projection or corrosion resistance is required

Monarch Metal Z Clip MFSTR-1125


For mounting cladding, including in exterior applications

Monarch Metal Z Clip MFSS Heavy Duty

MFSS Heavy Duty

Stainless Steel for high strength applications that require corrosion resistance

Monarch Metal Z Clip MFTAPE


For glass, ACM or HPL phenolic panels where substrates can't be attached with a screw

Monarch Metal Z Clip MFSTR-SSXCLAD


Stainless Steel concealed fastener mounting system

Monarch Metal Z Clip MFEXT-1250


For hanging interior panels where the installer desires a 1 1/4" or 1 3/8" projection

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