Interior Wall Panel Systems

Monarch Metal Wall Panel System

Convenient and cost-effective aluminum trim for wall panels

  • Offers panel fabricators the flexibility to manufacture their own wall panels and then choose from a variety of off the shelf, popular aluminum trim options.
  • Compatible with 3/4“ and 3/8“ panels.
  • Intuitive installation centered around Monarch Z Clips.
  • Close to 100 different aesthetics possible.
  • Off the shelf shipping for fast lead times.
  • Designed to be compatible with 3M Dual Lock for installation with zero clearance or access panels.
  • All Easy Panel System items stocked in a clear anodized finish.
  • Black and gold anodized or power coated available for custom orders.

Monarch Metal Narrow Wall Panel System


Monarch Metal Recessed Wall Panel System


Monarch Metal Narrow Channel Wall Panel System

Narrow Channel

Monarch Metal Wide Channel Wall Panel System

Wide Channel

Monarch Metal Captured Wall Panel System


Monarch Metal Stainless Captured Wall Panel System

Stainless Captured

Monarch Metal 1/2 inch Captured Wall Panel System

1/2" Captured

Monarch Metal Proud Wall Panel System


Monarch Metal Linear Wall Panel System


Monarch Metal Concave Wall Panel System


Anodized Finish Options

(1) Minimum runs apply in many cases. Please call for availability & pricing.
Note: Metallic finishes are difficult to photograph. Please call for a sample.

Powder Coat Finish Options

Monarch Metal TIGER Drylac RAL Essentials

TIGER Drylac RAL Essentials

101 Color Options

Monarch Metal IGER RAL Interior & Exterior

TIGER RAL Interior & Exterior

188 Color Options

Monarch Metal TIGER RAL Stellix Metallic & Anodized Effects

TIGER RAL Stellix Metallic & Anodized Effects

75 Color Options

Monarch Metal TIGER RAL Textured & Smooth

TIGER RAL Textured & Smooth

88 Color Options

Edge Trim, Inside & Outside Corner Options

Monarch Metal Edge Trim, Inside & Outside Corner Options

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