Stainless Anodize: A Low-Cost Alternative to Brushed Stainless Steel Angles and Channels

Stainless Steel with a Brushed Finish (Top); Stainless Anodized Aluminum (Bottom)



One of our core values here at Monarch is to really listen to our customers’ needs and accommodate them as best we can. Over the past few months, we’ve gotten quite a few requests for a brushed finish on sharp corner stainless steel products. This can often be cost-prohibitive because these products require long lead times and the material is expensive. So, we’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a less expensive yet high quality alternative that our customers can use.

We’ve recently adopted a new stainless anodize process that gives aluminum parts the appearance of stainless steel. The way it works is that an aluminum part, like an angle or a channel, is first given a brushed finish then anodized with a dye that matches the color of stainless steel. The end product is an aluminum piece that more or less matches the stainless steel finishes you often see on appliances like a stainless steel refrigerator.


In addition to creating the look our customers want, the stainless anodize process also saves quite a bit of money. Stainless steel is typically more expensive and can be cost-prohibitive when planning both large and small scale projects which makes aluminum a great alternative. Aluminum is also lighter in weight, so it’s less expensive to ship and easier to handle on the job site.

Stainless anodized aluminum is ideal for applications where strength and weight are important considerations. It’s also great for projects where aesthetic is important, but cost effectiveness is a concern.