Sharp Corner Stainless Angle, Channel & T Bar

Sharp Corner Stainless Structural Angle & Channel Now Available

Monarch has recently added a new product that we are excited to share with our customers.  Monarch is now providing sharp corner stainless shapes.  Generally, the only options for customers when using stainless steel in architectural applications was using hot rolled or cold rolled stainless structural shapes such as angle, channel and t bar.
Sharp Corner Stainless Structurals
Sharp Corner Stainless Structurals
Sharp Corner on Stainless T Bar
Sharp Corner on Stainless T Bar
With these structural profiles, there is a radius on the interior corners that can limit their applications when one desires for them to sit flush against panels or corners.  The new sharp corner stainless angle has a fillet on the interior angles that is often less than 1/32”.  The mill finish on our new line will be bead blasted, but as per usual we can offer it in a brushed finish or a mirror polished finish.  Minimum orders will apply.
Interior Radius on Stainless Channel
Interior Radius on Traditional Rolled Stainless Channel
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Hot Rolled Stainless Channel
Radius on Rolled Stainless Channel