Mounting Standoffs in Drywall / Gypsum / Wall Board

Mounting standoffs to drywall should be a relatively easy endeavor with a typical drywall anchor or toggle bolt. It is complicated by the standard thread in standoffs. Here at Monarch, we use a 5/16”-18 standard thread on our stainless standoffs and aluminum standoffs. We have two solutions to accommodate this thread.

The first is to make a simple Standoff Wall Mount Drawing as depicted below. One advantage of using a wall plate mounting system is you can support the standoff with multiple screws, giving you a greater hold strength. This set up also spreads the shear force of the load in a more appropriate manner.  We can manufacture these in brushed or mirror polished aluminum and stainless steel. A second advantage of a gypsum standoff mounting plate like this is that you can hold the dimension between two standoffs.  Say for example you wanted the standoffs supports to be exactly 3 inches in a wall panel mounting system. By having both standoff barrels mounted to the same plate, you can get a perfect installation, and therefore a perfectly symmetrical reveal between your panels.

Standoff Mount to Drywall

A second alternative to mount a standoff into drywall is to use a screw that converts the 5/16”-18 thread down to a #8 or #10 wood screw thread. You could then use a simple plastic drywall anchor with the wood screw end. This method would give a little less strength, but would be simpler for a light weight sign installation.

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