Low Profile Stainless Steel Standoff Cap Available in Diameters Up to 2 Inches

Monarch Metal is pleased to announce a new low profile stainless steel standoff cap product line.  The slim, low profile cap has a radius to show a smooth aesthetic without a standoff cap sticking up when you are installing  a countertop, a transaction counter or a glass surface.

Low Profile Stainless 1'' Diameter Standoff
1” Diameter Stainless Standoff with Low Profile Cap
Low Profile Stainless Standoff
Low Profile Stainless Standoff

The new low profile caps, in addition to the barrels, are made from a corrosion resistant 303 alloy stainless steel.  This stainless steel alloy provides excellent corrosion resistance in hostile environments.  The standard finish for these is a brushed finish, but they are also available in a mirror polished finish.

Low Profile Standoff Cap Sizes

The stainless low profile caps are available in a variety of diameters, including 1”, 1.25”, 1.5” and 2” diameters.

Monarch Metal also provides the complementary hardware including clear vinyl washers, tubing/gaskets, threaded connector rods and hanger bolts for mounting.