5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Woodworkers


There’s no doubt that mobile technology has changed the face of our society. Its appeal spans demographics, with everyone from computer geeks to stay-at-home moms becoming virtuosos of the digital age. And woodworkers are falling right in line with all the rest. As more DIY enthusiasts and woodworking professionals take to the internet to access project plans and video tutorials, the industry is seeing a surge in digital engagement…and mobile app developers have taken serious notice.

A brief search of any mobile app store yields hundreds of results, which can make finding an app that’s truly worth the download a bit of a challenge. To help you sift through all the wood-friendly apps out there, here are five really good ones to consider:

Woodworking with the Wood Whisperer
The Rundown: Free, Compatible with Apple & Android devicesWoodWhispererApp

You’ve heard of Marc Spagnuolo (aka The Wood Whisperer)–he’s only one of the most recognizable faces of the woodworking community. And now he’s put his expertise and tutorial videos at your fingertips for quick and easy viewing.

With this app, you can:

  • Have access to The Wood Whisperer video library
  • Browse woodworking articles, user shop tours, and podcasts
  • Make purchases from the The Wood Whisperer store

DEWALT® Mobile Pro™
The Rundown: Free, Compatible with Apple & Android devices

DeWaltAppWhether you’re an experimental DIY-er or a construction pro, this nifty little app streamlines your projects by taking all the work out of job site calculations. Should you need any extras such as business math or trim calculations, you can purchase the add-ons right from the app.

The DEWALT® Mobile Pro™ app lets you:

  • Easily calculate area, length, and volume
  • Share calculations via email
  • Use real-world examples to explain complex concepts
  • View detailed illustrations to help you visualize projects

The Woodshop Widget
The Rundown: $3.99 for Apple, $1.99 for Android

WoodShopWidgetThe Woodshop Widget is an all-encompassing app that’s an absolute dream tool for woodworkers. Comprised of several wood-related utilities, this app lets you make the most of any DIY project or professional job with minimal equipment or accessories.

With this app you can:

  • Estimate board movement, calculate volume, and test squares for accuracy
  • Convert decimals to fractions
  • View general wood species information
  • Measure the components you need to mix or dilute shellac
  • Compare the hardness, density, and movement of over 200 wood species

The Rundown: $19.99, only available for Apple products

WoodCraftAppOkay, so this one’s a little on the expensive side and it’s only available for Apple products but it truly is a unique app that any visionary woodworker would love to have. Essentially the app lets you visualize and draft up almost any concept or project before you even consider the right materials to use.

Combining elements of CAD and 3D modeling, this app allows you to:

  • Design carpentry projects in 2D and 3D
  • Use grid settings and alignment tools to align, rotate, and move lumber within the design
  • Generate a shopping list and bill of materials
  • Work in Metric or Imperial units
  • Use digital tools like hand saws and table saws to make accurate cuts in design

iHandy Carpenter

ihandyThe Rundown: $1.99, Compatible with Apple & Android devices

If you’re looking for a beautifully designed app with professional grade tools, then this should be the first on your download list. The app includes five professional tools (plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, steel ruler, and steel protractor) that are all digitally designed to produce accurate, on-the-spot measurements.

With this app you can:

  • Measure the verticality of lines and walls (plumb bob)
  • Ensure all flat surfaces are perfectly level (surface level & bubble level bar)
  • Measure angles up to 180 degrees (steel protractor)
  • Swipe to measure in inches or centimeters (steel ruler)
  • Use the plumb bob, surface level, and bubble level bar together as an inclinometer