2 Inch Stainless Steel Glass Spacers – How to Protect the Glass?

2 inch diameter stainless steel glass spacers, also known as standoffs, are very common today as architects increasing incorporate glass into their designs. One frequent question we receive is how to protect the glass from the stainless steel. We carry a few different products at Monarch to help with this.

First is a plastic washer that sits between the glass and the standoff. At Monarch we carry these in a clear vinyl and in a black neoprene, both of which are 1/8” thick in the case of the 2” diameter spacers.

Stainless Glass Spacers - Brushed Finish

Second is taking care in protecting the hole. As a general practice, we find that the hole should have a diameter equal to or at least 1/16” thicker than the glass itself. You also want to be careful not to drill your holes too close to the side of the glass. Finally, many stainless steel glass spacers have a collar on the cap to avoid having to use a heavy duty threaded rod to connect them. Monarch offers clear PVC tubing cut to size to protect the glass from vibrating against the edge of the standoff.

2 Inch Stainless Glass Spacer

As always, if you have any questions on your specific application, we are here from 8am to 5pm ET and would be glad to help. Our number is 631-563-8967.