Applications Requiring Stainless Steel Z Clips

Stainless Steel Panel Clips
Stainless Steel Panel Clips

At Monarch, we are often asked about a clip that is suitable for outdoor applications. Although our clips are made out of aluminum, they will still oxidize when exposed to the elements. To be truly qualified for outdoor applications, they would need to be made from a material with both strength and corrosion resistance.

With that in mind we have introduced our new Stainless Steel Z Clips. These combine the durability of stainless steel with the simplicity of our z clip system. Our stainless steel z clips are available in marine grade, 316 alloy, 11 Gauge stainless steel. This material has a tensile strength of 80-90,000 pounds per square inch and will not rust in the harshest of environments.

To use these, the installer uses the same set up as our standard Monarch clips. First, the continuous length is mounted on the surface the panel is to be hung on. These continuous lengths are available in 48” stock lengths. Next, shorter 1.5” panel clips are mounted on the rear side of the panel to be hung. These panel clips can be fastened with any #8 pan head screw or a larger pancake head screw, so long as the head of the screw is shorter than about .12”. The panel clips on the rear side of the panel are then engaged with the continuous lengths on the mounting surface. Once installed, the panel will be secured to the wall with the fasteners concealed behind the face.