Z Clip Price List

Monarch Z Clips

 MF 625 - 1 1/2"MF 375 - 2"
Length (2 Holes per Clip)1 1/2"2"
Lift Off (Top of Panel to Finished Ceiling)5/8"3/8"
Standard Packing1000 Pieces1000 Pieces
1000 - 3000 Z Clips$263.00 per thousand$263.00 per thousand
4000+ Z Clips$253.00 per thousand$253.00 per thousand
250 Pc. Box$82.54 per box$82.54 per box
500 Pc. Box$165.08 per box$165.08 per box
Bag of 20 Clips$11.27 for each bag$11.27 for each bag
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6 Ft. Continuous Lengths

 MF 625 – 72″MF 375 – 72″w/ Holes
Less Than 10 Lengths$12.90 ea.$12.90 ea.$12.90 ea.
Less Than 40 Lengths$1.70 L/F$1.70 L/F$2.00 L/F
40 Lengths$1.57 L/F$1.57 L/F$1.87 L/F
80 Lengths (480 L/F)$1.34 L/F$1.34 L/F$1.64 L/F
160 Lengths (960 L/F) or More$1.29 L/F$1.29 L/F$1.59 L/F
Full Bundle 600 lengths/increments$1.28 L/F$1.28 L/F$1.57 L/F

12 Ft. Continuous Lengths

 MF 625 – 144″MF 375 – 144″w/ Holes
Less Than 20 Lengths$1.62 L/F$1.62 L/F$1.92 L/F
Less Than 40 Lengths$1.51 L/F$1.51 L/F$1.80 L/F
40 Lengths (480 L/F)$1.28 L/F$1.28 L/F$1.57 L/F
80 Lengths (960 L/F) or More$1.22 L/F$1.22 L/F$1.52 L/F
160 Lengths (1,920 L/F) or More$1.21 L/F$1.21 L/F$1.51 L/F
200 Lengths Full Bundle only)$1.20 L/F$1.20 L/F$1.49 L/F

All orders 12′ long & under 40 lengths are subject to a $22.50 repacking charge. All prices F.O.B. plant and subject to change without notice. Returns accepted within 30 days of invoice (25% restocking fee). Ask for details. Custom cut and fabricated merchandise is non-returnable. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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