Find the Right Z Clip

Five simple questions to determine the right Monarch Z Clip specification

1. What type of Hanging System are you looking for?

2. How far would you like the installed panel to sit out from the wall (the "projection")?

3. How much clearance is there between the panel and the finished ceiling?

4. What is the material / substrate and the thickness of the panel being mounted?

5. What are you mounting the panel to?

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(1) Typical Installation: The Monarch Z Clip testing performed by Qualtim, a third party testing laboratory, were performed using the following installation. The tests were designed to assess the load bearing capacity in installing a 48’’ x 96’’ MDF panel vertically in shear. To install a ¾’’ Thick, 48’’ Wide x 96’’ Tall MDF panel, you would mount three different continuous lengths along the wall parallel to the ground approximately 30’’ apart. These should be fastened to studs at a minimum of every 16’’ on center with the appropriate screw. Our testing was done with 22 Gauge Metal Studs and Wood Studs and the results would not apply for weaker substrates. Installers often use ¾’’ blocking in front of the wall to allow for added fasteners every 8’’ on center along the wall. Along the panel, installers would typically use 12 panel clips on the back of the panel; 4 panel clips at each height to interlock with each of the 3 continuous lengths. These clips would be spaced 12-15 inches apart and fastened to the back of the panel with (2) #8x ¾’’ Pan Head Deep Thread Screws for a total of 24 screws in a typical panel installation.

*DISCLAIMER: The tested capacity of the clips as defined herein is merely intended to provide guidance for all end-users on the capacity that is available when #8 x ¾’’ Pan Phillips Deep Thread screws are used to attach clips to MDF panels. This capacity has been developed through testing under a given set of testing conditions that represent typical installations. Decisions made, by the end user, with respect to capacities must take into account installation deviations from the tested application, accuracy of screw placement, any potential for over driving of the screws, panel misuse, improper panel or clip storage, panel and clip handling, etc. The final capacity to be used for any installation is the responsibility of the end-user.