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Monarch Z Clip Specifications, Dimensions and Sizes

Below is a table of the most frequently asked for dimensions and sizes for our Monarch Z Clips | Panel Clips. While we carry continuous lengths in stock sizes of 144″ and 72″, we also custom cut them to any size that you desire. The “Lift-Off” is the amount you need to raise the panel over its resting height to mount the panel. The “Projection” is the distance that the panel sits out from the wall.

MaterialAluminumAluminumStainless Steel
Stock clip size1.5″2.0″1.5″
Stock continuous – length72″, 144″72″, 144″48″
Custom lengths availableAnyAnyAny
Architectural DrawingpdficonDownload PDFpdficonDownload PDFpdficonDownload PDF
AutoCad DrawingpdficonDownload DWGpdficonDownload DWGpdficonDownload DWG
CSI 3 Part SpecificationpdficonDownload DOCpdficonDownload DOCpdficonDownload DOC
CSI 3 Part Specification PDFpdficonDownload PDFpdficonDownload PDFpdficonDownload PDF
Weight/Load Bearing DatapdficonDownload PDFpdficonDownload PDFN/A
Load Rating Testing SummarypdficonDownload PDFpdficonDownload PDFN/A