Architectural Quality Stainless Steel Standoffs and Aluminum Standoffs

Aluminum Standoffs

Monarch’s stainless steel and aluminum standoffs are a beautiful way to accent your countertops, panels, signs or displays.

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Stock Sizes Available in Sizes Up to 2 Inches in Diameter with Custom Sizes Even Larger

Monarch makes every effort to be easy to be to do business with. We stock select stainless and aluminum standoffs in diameters up to 2 inches and custom manufacture to larger sizes.

Fast and Worry-Free Shipping

Monarch ships orders the same day the order is placed, with custom orders often shipping within one week from the date the order is placed.

Low Profile Designs Are Available in Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Monarch offers standard and low profile designs in its stainless steel and aluminum standoffs. The stainless steel standard caps have a 7/16 inch stem and the stainless low profile caps have a 1/2 inch stem. The aluminum standard caps do not have a stem and the aluminum low profile caps have a 1/2 inch stem.

Diagram showing caps for aluminum and stainless barrel standoffs

Diagram showing components of Monarch standoff systemTypical Components of a Standoff

A standoff, or countertop support, consists of a cap and a barrel.  Accessory hardware often used with standoffs includes:

  • Threaded studs that connect the cap to the barrel
  • Clear vinyl washers to protect glass countertops
  • Hanger bolts for mounting to wood
  • Tabletop screws for mounting with access beneath the countertop

Satin Finishes and Custom Finishes

Monarch stocks stainless steel standoffs in a satin or #4 brushed finish and aluminum standoffs in a clear anodized finish. Custom options include a mechanical brushed finish, mirror polished, statuary bronze, architectural bronze, black anodized, color anodized, plated or powder coated.

Stock Sizes of Standoffs in 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch Diameter Barrels

We carry standoffs in a variety of sizes. We stock sizes from 1 inch to 2 inch in diameter and from 1 inch to 6 inches in height, but we can also custom manufacture the specific standoff that you are looking for.

How to Order a Standoff

Although they appear very simple, there are actually a variety of variables to consider in ordering a standoff. What type of material and what is the finish desired? What is the diameter and height for the barrel of the standoff? What material / substrate is being supported with the standoff and how thick is this material? Do you need clear vinyl washers, such as with a glass or frosted glass application to eliminate rattle and protect the surface? How will standoff be mounted and what will it be mounting to? Our specialists at Monarch are happy to walk you through these choices and to make the right decision for your application. Just call us at 631-750-3000!

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