Monarch Z Clips

Monarch Aluminum Z Clips (Panel Clips) are the Fastest and Easiest way to Install Wall Panels, Signs and Artwork

Similar to the way a French Cleat works, they allow you to install without screwing into the face of a panel

The Z Clips fasteners wedge together, locking panels in place. They provide for easy and fast future removal or dismounting of panels for change or replacement.

Since Monarch Z Clips remain concealed they also allow for pre-finishing, without time-consuming face nailing or costly on-the-job finishing.

Monarch Z Clips Video

The video demonstrates how the Monarch Z Clips work.

Made from aluminum, Monarch Z Clips offer the following benefits:

  • Perfect for use on wall panels, elevator panels, frames and cabinets
  • Easy Installation
  • Reduce installation time/cost by 50%
  • Available in 3/8″ or 5/8″ lift off and in lengths from 1 1/2″ to 12′ with or without holes
  • Same day shipping for stocked items

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Monarch Z Clip Aluminum Extruded Wall Panel Clips

The Z shaped clips wedge together locking panels in place.

An assortment of our clips, similar to French Cleats

Custom Monarch Z Clips

We use the Z Clips to mount architectural paneling to walls and they are great and easy to use. - Golden Touch Consruction